7 Kitchen Essentials for Weight Loss

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For many people weight loss is hard...really hard. Meal prep is a key component of success. I believe that if tools exist to make it easier to get to an important goal, we should use them!

Some tools can really make meal prep a lot easier. When Alton Brown had his TV show, Good Eats, he always said to stay away from unitaskers. I absolutely agree with him. I don’t need (or have the room) to have a bunch of tools that only do one thing.

Here are 7 kitchen essentials for make weight loss that can make your life easier to add to your healthy cooking arsenal:

Slow Cooker
Foods cooked in a slow cooker are always so juicy and tender. You have great opportunities to infuse flavor into meals. Plus, you don’t have to babysit it. When I’m prepping my meals I often make a few kinds of chicken. I’m able to cook one kind in the slow cooker, one in the oven and another on the stovetop. They are also great for soups, stews and chili's.

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Vegetable Spiralizer
Getting a good spiralizer helps you to make fun variations of vegetables. For example, you can make your own baked sweet potato chips, zucchini noodles (zoodles) or simply cut your produce up in fun shapes. There are many ways to utilize this tool to get the consistency you are looking for with whatever you are making.

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One way to prepare some of your meals is by cooking them in a steamer. Most come with individual compartments so you can either cook entire meals at the same time or separate different foods out while still cooking all at once. Plus it’s a super healthy way to cook without additional fat.

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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used my blender to make awesome smoothies. I personally like Ninja’s Food Prep Pro system. It has blending options as well as food processing. I would definitely get one that can do both to not only save money but save counter space.

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If you find that you like drinking your nutrients, a juicer can be a great investment for you. The great thing about juicers is that it also includes the skin, which is typically where all the micronutrients are. Plus you can add in your least favorite veggies without having to taste them!

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Digital Meat Thermometer
Let’s face it, lean meats have a tendency to get pretty dry if they’re overcooked. A meat thermometer allows you to keep your proteins juicy and delicious. You want to get a digital one that is easy to use and is long enough so your hands aren’t too close to the heat.

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Adding the zest from various citrus fruits creates a ton of low-calorie flavor. You can often find zester/grater combination tools.

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These tools definitely help with cooking healthier and being able to make meals that you will love. You certainly do not need each one from day one. Choose one or two to start with and go from there.

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