7 Weight Loss Apps to Fuel Success

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Anyone on their weight loss journey knows how difficult it can be to stay on track. Using weight loss apps can help keep you motivated, identify weak spots in your routine and connect with others on their journey. You have the option to enter in your foods and let the app count the calories for you.  

If you’re like me when you first start, you’ll be seriously enlightened about how many calories you’re consuming. All the little things you eat add up and these apps make that very clear to you so you can make changes.

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Try out these weight loss apps (they’re all FREE!) and find one that you like and is easy for you to use. You want an app that you find helpful to your specific needs and that you will stick with.

Lose It
iPhone Rating: 4+
Android Rating: 4.5

iPhone Rating: 4+
Android Rating: 4.6

iPhone Rating: 4
Android Rating: 4.3

Nike+ Training Club
iPhone Rating: 5
Android Rating: 4.5

My Diet Coach Weight Loss Booster
iPhone Rating: 4+
Android Rating: 4.4

iPhone Rating: 3+
Android Rating: 4
*Requires a Fitbit

Weight Watchers
iPhone Rating: 4.5
Android Rating: 4.1
*Requires subscription

Over the years, I have tried a few different ones and they certainly help. I happened to find that MyFitnessPal fit my needs best. In fact, as of today I have logged in for 566 days in a row. I poked around at what people in my weight loss communities were using and looked at ratings in the app stores. I wanted to give you options for both iPhone and Android devices. But I feel I should at least mention that the iPhone platform has some really great 5-star-rated apps that are worth checking out.

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