How to Eat Breakfast When You’re Not a Breakfast Person

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One of the first things you hear when you start a weight loss program/journey is how important it is to eat breakfast. I remember when I began my journey in January of 2015 I didn’t know how I was going to eat breakfast when I wasn’t hungry til lunch time.

I looked at my morning routine to see what I had to work with and where I could insert some kind of breakfast. The one consistent thing I did every morning was drink coffee. I decided I was willing to try adding protein powder to my coffee. It wasn’t so bad. My love of chocolate dictated which flavor of protein powder I was getting, so I was essentially drinking chocolate coffee in the morning...not a bad way to start the day if you ask me.

After a few weeks of doing that, I started noticing some big changes. For starters, I started waking up hungry. I wouldn’t completely drop after eating lunch, either. Soon the protein powder wasn’t cutting it anymore. I was really hungry in the morning. So I made time to enjoy yogurt with fruit and granola. It made a huge difference in my energy.

The moral of this story is I am a firm believer in breakfast. It has made a huge impact in my weight loss journey. My body was no longer in starvation mode for most of the day.

What Eating Breakfast Does to Our Bodies

While we’re sleeping our bodies require less energy so our metabolism slows way down. As soon as you eat, your body goes into thermogenesis, which is the metabolic process in which we digest food.

If you make a healthy breakfast choice that includes a good balance of protein, carbs and fats, you will feel full and have energy until your next meal. You’re starting your day with a great foundation and are less likely to crave unhealthy foods.

Ways to Add Breakfast to Your Day

Other than adding protein to your coffee like I did, there are a few other ways that may work for you. Some people find that drinking something is not as bad as actually eating. Whichever option works best for you is what you should go with. I’ve seen some people follow what others are doing, but the fact is, if you don’t stick to it, you won’t see results. So choose something that works for you.

Some options to ease your way to eating breakfast are:

Protein shake - Protein powder comes in a variety of flavors and can be mixed with water or a low-fat milk/almond milk.

Protein smoothie - Blend some protein powder, milk or water, and fruit. Add ice to make it thicker.

Protein bar - You can eat a protein bar and feel good for a while. Just be careful of which bar you choose. You want something low in sugar, high in protein and somewhere around 10 or less carbs.

If you’re ready to dive in to breakfast, try out some of these ideas:

If you're feeling really motivated, exercising in the morning really kick-starts your metabolism.

The key is to take little steps towards your weight loss goals so that you don’t feel overwhelmed. If you add in one healthy routine each week or even every two weeks, you’ll have a much higher chance of sticking to your healthy living plan and reach your goals.

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