How to Eat Healthy When There’s Junk Food at Home

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Healthy OptionsThe biggest test of our will power comes when something we used to thoroughly enjoy is within reach. Every weight loss guide I’ve read says that we need shouldn’t have unhealthy foods in our environment. But what happens when those foods are in your home?

It’s such a common issue that so many of my weight loss friends have had to tackle. Most people have to stay on track having so many temptations at home from their roommates, significant others, and kids.

I was lucky when I began my journey I had complete control over what foods came into my home since I lived by myself. However, two years into it, I met my wonderful boyfriend, Kyle,  who started bringing over foods he liked. I understand that the options I had available may not be for everyone. I had gotten used to not having temptations around me that my will power wasn’t all that strong anymore.

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So how do you stay on track with tempting junk food at home?

Sometimes when we are a little further along in our journeys we have to remind ourselves to get back to basics when we encounter an obstacle.

  • Communicate your needs with those around you. Tell the people in your household that you’re struggling with the junk food. Ask them not to have it “in your face” as much. 
  • Be prepared for cravings with healthy alternatives. You know which foods you crave the most. If you like chips, make some baked flatbread chips. Or if you like baked goods, get or make protein bars. You get the idea. 
  • Reach out to a buddy when you’re feeling weak. I’ve had to call friends to be my voice of reason when I’m tempted by some of the foods I love. And that’s exactly why these relationships exist. 
  • Hang pictures of your goals on the “bad” cabinets. For all those times you’ve say “I wish I had his/her (abs, arms, legs, etc.)” take that photo and use it as inspiration. Tape it right on the inside of a cabinet or or hang it on the refrigerator. 
  • If you’re not the primary food shopper, be specific about what foods you need. 
  • Eat a good breakfast. It will help your body to not have as many cravings. (See How to Eat Breakfast When You're Not a Breakfast Person)
  • Read the food labels to know how the foods will affect your goals. For example, if cookies are 200 calories per serving, it will take 60 minutes of walking to burn them off.

The most important thing to remember is that the journey is not easy. We will slip up sometimes, but that’s okay...we’re human. Don’t let it take you down. Learn from it and keep pushing forward.

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